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Fast Facts: Solo Travel

Traveling solo changed my life. It allowed me to get to know a different side of myself.  It made me find ways to have fun – often times without anyone else around. Taking that step can be hard – below are some fast facts on the actualities of solo travel for anyone thinking of trying it out.

  • Yes, you may get lonely.  My trips are usually around 10-15 days. I usually start to feel a little wink of loneliness toward the end of the trip. I think it may just be because I know I’m going home soon. Whenever I feel a little lonely, I usually try and go somewhere with a more social setting. Like a local bar or maybe a hostel restaurant. Sometimes facetiming a friend or family member can help.
  • You will get lost. It’s inevitable. I pride myself in being really good with directions and remembering how I got places. I still get lost. It’s fine. You can save maps from Google offline and use it as a directional tool to get you back to where you need to go. Or, ask someone!
  • You can go somewhere where you don’t speak the language. English is one of the most common languages in the world. I haven’t been any place where someone can’t speak English. HOWEVER, I would definitely recommend learning basic words and phrases for wherever you’re going. At least give it a try – don’t be “that” person.
  • If you’re smart, you’ll be safe. This is especially for women. We have to be more conscious of our surroundings no matter where we are. More than likely, you’ll be traveling to a touristy area and there will be plenty of people around. The trick is to just be smart. Don’t flash your valuables, be aware and let people know where you’re heading. My first solo trip, I would make sure to be home before it got really late. I still do this – depending on where I am. It’s okay to be over protective of yourself.

Now, get out there and go see the world! It’s an amazing one! As always – email me with any questions or if you’re looking for any advice!


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