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But I Don’t Want To Plan…

Going on holiday is fun.

Amsterdam Canal

Planning a holiday is not fun.

Don’t get me wrong. Some parts can be very enjoyable. Looking at a map and discovering cool places to go, scoping out pubs and restaurants, going through different Airbnb’s, etc. However, a lot of holiday planning involves stress, calculations and lots of notes.

I’m going to take you through a couple of things that help me not lose my mind while plotting my adventures!

Let’s start with my favorite thing: My Bucket List!

My list a little bit weird. I keep it in an email thread and it includes a list of all the places I want to go. It also has random links to some of my favorite travel articles. While planning my upcoming trip to Spain, I dug through my bucket list thread and found an AMAZING article from Buzzfeed on Spanish towns. It really helped me finalize where I wanted to go.

Second on the list is: Google Maps

One thing I’ve had to realize in my times of traveling is that as much as I’d like to explore entire countries in two weeks – it’s probably best that I narrow my list down a bit.

I love to explore at least two or three cities during a trip. Google Maps really helps me figure out which cities are more feasible. With the addition of transit directions, it’s great to plan ahead. Maps even links out to the specific travel companies to book rail/bus tickets.

I also use Google Maps to look at the different tourist attractions in whatever city I’m going to. I make sure to take a look at the “street view” option to help me see what’s around that specific attraction. This way, I’ll know I’m close to wherever I’m going by recognizing the area.

(Sidenote: Google Maps also lets you save maps offline that you can use when you’re out of the country / off your data)

Gent, Belgium

Third on the list is: A Notebook

Write. Things. Down. I don’t know where I’d be without my travel notebook. I always write down attractions I want to go to, how far they are from my accommodations and how far they are from each other.

I’m really big on taking public transportation when I go somewhere new. I always feel like I stumble upon places I would’ve never seen riding in a car. Right before trips, I write down how to get to my accommodation. If I’m taking the train from the airport, which line am I on? Do I have to transfer? What stop am I getting off at?

Writing things down has helped me so much. I tend to remember things a lot better. This way when I arrive – I’m not scrambling to figure out where I’m going.  I recommend purchasing a small notebook and keeping it with you at all times!

Below are some of the Apps and Websites that help me the most when planning a trip:

Apps: Hopper, Booking, HotelTonight, Expedia, Google Translate, Google Maps

Websites: Buzzfeed Travel, CN Traveler, Google Flights, SkipLagged

As I previously mentioned, I’m currently in the middle of planning my next holiday. Follow my progress here or on my Instagram!


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