Sainte-Chapelle, You Have My Heart

I want to start out by being completely honest. Paris is not my favorite place. For me, it is one of those places that everyone should go to at least once and that’s it.  Of course, I love seeing the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, etc but I’d rather spend my time in Nice (see below).

View from Chateau de Nice

However, the last time I was in Europe I had some free time (about 30 hours) in between traveling from Brussels to London.  So as I’m scrolling through Instagram, wondering what to do I come across one of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen. 


6 hours later, I was on a train.  I was able to get a private room with en-suite at Generator Hostel for 92 euros.  The hostel is very close to Gare du Nord and tons of metro lines. It was a win-win. I get there in the late afternoon, eat, do some walking and decide to save Sainte-Chapelle for the morning. I wanted a fresh heart, fresh eyes and I wanted to be there early to avoid lines.

The next morning, I hop on Metro 7 at Louis Blanc and I’m on my way. I get off at Pont Neuf and it’s about a 6-minute walk from the station to the chapel. Saint-Chapelle opens to visitors at 9 am and I arrived around 930. There was a small line but moved quickly. You go through security which is a bag check and metal detectors.

Once you’re through security, you walk up to the ticket booth where you can present a ticket purchased online or you can purchase from the teller. Tickets are 11 euros for a regular ticket and 16 euros for access to Sainte-Chapelle and the concierge.


I won’t get into too much detail about every nook and cranny of the chapel. It is truly a place that needs to be seen in person. Walking into the chapel and seeing the architecture and design – it’s unbelievable. There’s this quiet feeling of awe through the entire church. Below are some of my favorite photos from the church and also a price list for this particular adventure. 🙂






Train from Brussels to Paris – 65 euros (1st class – Thalys)

Generator Hostel – 92 euros (private room with en-suite)

10 Carnet of Metro Ticket – 14,50 euro

Entrance to Sainte- Chapelle – 11 euros


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